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Per Qvarforth

Software Engineer / Ham Radio Operator / ...


I am a software engineer from Sweden who has worked with various web-based business systems since 2005.

I'm probably best known for running the APRS Direct website (and also the Glider RADAR website). I develop and maintain the software used to run these websites in my spare time.

Official Projects

APRS Direct

APRS Direct is a website that brings you global real-time APRS tracking and weather data (including CWOP). Our goal is to bring you a fast and easy-to-use map with the latest APRS activity.

APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is a digital communications system that uses packet radio to send real time tactical information (on amateur radio frequencies). More information about APRS can be found at or at wikipedia.

Glider RADAR

Glider RADAR is a website that brings you global real-time glider tracking data. Our goal is to bring you a fast and easy-to-use map with the latest glider activity.

CWOP Viewer

CWOP Viewer is a web page that summarizes weather data from CWOP weather stations and presents it in a user-friendly way.

More Projects?

More is coming, but what it is I keep secret for a while.

Work Experiences

Software Developer

Findity AB / Companyexpense AB | 2020 - Present

Companyexpense develops a fully automated, efficient solution for managing company business and travel expenses.

Software Developer and Architect

Zavann AB | 2008 - 2020

Zavann AB specializes in supplying business solutions to electricity trading companies in the European electricity market.

Software Developer

Dalarna University | 2007 - 2008

I worked on developing the university's various support systems.

Software Developer

Kundkraft AB | 2005 - 2007

Kundkraft AB specializes in negotiating electricity contracts for private individuals through auctions.